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SpriteClub and Braid

February 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Last month saw the first meet up for Sprite Club, a group like a book reading club but for computer games. It involves playing a single game for a month and then getting together in a pub (with people skyping in from Sweden and Japan making it awesomely international) and debating the pros and cons of the game.

This month the game to play and review was Braid, after the get together and debate session we had to write a mini review to stick on the website. Below is my amazingly articulate review…

Really got mixed opinions on this one! Braid for once uses the rewinding time ability as an interesting core gameplay mechanic rather than just saving you from your own lameness (PoP). The puzzles are difficult and give you a great feeling once overcome but the learning curve is very steep and by the time you’ve properly grasped a mechanic you stop using it. Games like Portal slowly introduce you to the concepts and teach you to think laterally, Braid chucks them at you and sits their gloating when you’re too stupid to complete the puzzle.

The art style really is beautiful with a wonderful hand painted effect and the music compliments the visuals and the gameplay, hauntingly beautiful yet nightmarish when you are failing to solve a puzzle and continuously reversing time.

For the vast majority of the game the story is pretentious wank and the mechanism used to convey it is far to dull for you to bother to take it in, but if you manage to get to the final/first world (I admit I cheated for 2 puzzle pieces in order to get there) the final reveal makes up for the previous hard slog. The final levels are brilliantly designed and executed and manage to convey the story in an interesting and engaging way. Shame it couldn’t all have been like that.

In summation; clever if irritating gameplay, beautiful presentation, stupid story but made up by a wonderful ending.

7.5 / 10

Website modifications

July 19th, 2009 Comments off

As you can probably see I’ve changed my website again. The big change is that I’ve decided to switch to using wordpress instead of my own custom software. It has a lot of cool features (like an app for the iPhone that I’m using now) which would have been a lot of effort to write… and I just couldn’t be bothered. Maybe at some point I’ll try and bring the old theme across or find a more interesting one… but for now this will do.

In other news I’m now on Twitter. You can see my last couple of tweets in the sidebar or if you want to follow me I’m @Mrs_Kensington.

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14 Easy Steps to a froggie cake

July 19th, 2009 Comments off

It was Karen’s birthday this week, as is now customary whenever it’s a friends birthday, I made her a birthday cake. Unfortunately I have only ever baked cakes in a pyrex bowl so my cakes are a little… round themed. This year I decided to get a bit more adventurous… but not adventurous enough to ditch the round design.

To make it a little more interesting I decided to document my progress on twitter and provide some nice easy steps so people could make the cake with me. Recreated below for posterity.

  1. Put all the ingredients in the bowl as the recipe says. Then cook it.
  2. Put some more ingredients together (this time to make fairy cakes). Stick in baking cakes and cook.
  3. Try not to burn beautiful assistant. Fail.
  4. If you’ve accidentally washed up the sieve. Swing it around wildly in the garden to dry it out.
  5. Once the fairy cakes are cooked remove them from oven. If they aren’t completely round that’s fine.
  6. Make buttercream icing. Add essence of green.
  7. Make more buttercream icing (+ green) cause you didn’t do enough the first time.
  8. Hopefully the cake should be cooked by now (check with a skewer). Remove from oven and leave it to cool.
  9. Turn the cake out onto a plate (you may need a knife to pry it out).
  10. Take two of the (24) fairy cakes and glue them to the top of the cake with buttercream icing.
  11. Eat the other 22 fairy cakes.
  12. Cover in green buttercream icing.
  13. Use ready-to-roll black and white icing to make eyes and a big smilie mouth.
  14. Cut a little bit of red ready-to-roll icing and add it as a Tongue. Put in fridge to let the icing set.

If you manage to follow all of those instructions correctly you should end up with the following creation…

Froggie Cake

Froggie Cake

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