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Coursework Results

May 20th, 2001 Comments off

With only a couple of days until the start of my last lot of 2nd year exams start I’ve got most of my course work back!

  • Java TicTacToe – A+
  • C Pointers – A
  • C & Unix – A

That means that I have at least an A in the C & Unix course as its all Coursework. Should help the revision for the other exams!

I now officially work for Doulos Ltd doing software… stuff. Start on the 4th of June. Same day as Radioheads Amnesiac is released!

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A Job!

May 15th, 2001 Comments off

Wow what a wierd Week! On Thursday I got a letter from Ordinance Survey offering me a job. Not the one I had originally applied for but one that didn’t involve programming. Then on Friday as I was on my way to Birmingham with my girlfriend to watch 1984 I had a telephone call from Doulos Ltd offering me another job! Gonna accept the Doulos job as I get to do some programming!

1984 was good and it was cool to see my friend and his uni!

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