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May 28th, 2007 Comments off

A while has passed (as usual) since I last updated this website and a lot has changed in my life. My girlfriend of 7 years and I have split up, though in a very amicable way. I moved out of my flat in Poole and back in with my Parents at the end of January though next weekend I will be moving up to London to be with all my friends and working in the London Office.

As for my projects… not a lot has happened… I’ve started some… stopped working on some and currently thinking about new ones.

As I’ll be moving back and forth between the London and Poole office I thought it was time I had a go at Linux on my laptop and finally fixed a load of issues with it. I’ve finally managed to get the onboard network card working, the wireless is working though NetworkManager wont connect. The only functionality that I’ve had to disable is the MMC Reader as whenever I load the module the whole system hangs. It’s similar to the problems with the network card though there are no settings to change in the kernel. Not a huge issue though… To read my latest guide to my laptop visit this post.

Hopefully once I’ve moved up to London I’ll be able to start playing with XNA and start making games on the XBox360… it’s a nice thought anyway…

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Personal Update

April 11th, 2005 Comments off

The last month at work has been pretty hectic and it concluded with two visits to Nijmegen in The Netherlands. The first was for almost 2 weeks and was over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend whilst the second was a rather tiring single day trip.

Nijmegen is a lovely town, a reasonable size to explore on foot and lots of interesting back alleys to explore. Caroline flew out to stay with me for the Bank Holiday weekend and we did more exploring and took a day trip to Amsterdam. While Amsterdam got nicer the further from the center you got, Nijmegen is a lot nicer city. No where near as touristy.

Haven’t had much time to work on the Inspire Engine though I have splitted the Inspire Tools into a seperate section entitled Inspire Studio. This will ultimately contain editors for Sprites, 2D and 3D maps and the Resource Files. The Renderer section of Inspire requires a small re-design to make it more adaptable and for it to interface correctly with the Input section.


November 12th, 2003 Comments off

Last Friday I got offered a job with TriplePlay Services. I accepted and am starting on Monday the 17th of November. Will be nice to have something to do during the day and something to challenge me.

From their website: “Tripleplay Services is a specialist broadband solutions supplier providing system integrators, technical project management, technical design experience and specialist software products aimed at allowing industry to realise its broadband potential.”



July 2nd, 2003 Comments off

Got my final exam results today final grade was a 2.1!! Very happy with them and very relieved to have them out the way.

  • CS22310 – 63%
  • CS32310 – 50%
  • CS33310 – 53%
  • CS35610 – 62%
  • CS38010 – 64%
  • CS39010 – 71%

Thats 71% for my major project!!! Looks like all the work paid off! Back to bed now to catch up on all the sleep i’ve lost in waiting for these results.


Finished Degree

June 2nd, 2003 Comments off

Last tuesday (27th May) I had my last ever exam. I have now completed all of my course meaning I now have a degree in Software Engineering. The only question… at which level? I don’t find that out till the 2nd of July.

For the last week I have been generally enjoying myself lying in, going out and playing on the computer! I have one week left in aber which will follow the same pattern and then its back home!

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Happy New Year!

January 4th, 2003 Comments off

Happy New Year Everybody! Got back from seeing Caroline last night. Had a nice Christmas and New Year and now got to get on with some work!


Things continue on…

November 13th, 2001 Comments off

Works going fine and life’s trundling along quite happily! Went to France over the weekend with Matt et famile et ami to do some work on their new house. Needs a bit of work but should be quite fun doing it!

Still haven’t got round to getting those photos. The films been in my camera for about 1 year and i still haven’t finished it!

The NASM IDE has taken a bit of a back burner as I can’t get one of the controls to work under WinXP :(

Goodbye Caroline!

September 7th, 2001 Comments off

Said goodbye to Caroline yesterday *sniff*. She’s off to Australia for 11 months and I’ll be going out there with Jenny for the last month for OzFest2002! She gave me a goodbye present of a huge tigger (which photos of will be appearing on here later). When you press his tummy he talks! cool heh?

Jobs going fine and I’ve started work on an IDE for the NASM assembler, bit of a way off now but i’ll have more news about that later.


July 4th, 2001 Comments off

Got my results for my last lot of 2nd year exams today! Alot better than the first terms! Average this term of 65% giving me a total average of 60.8% which is a 2.1 so gotta keep that up (or improve for a 1st).

Had a good time on Birmingham with Cas over the weekend and now back to work stuffed up with hayfever :(

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Weeks pass…

June 26th, 2001 Comments off

I’ve finished all my exams now and I’m back home. The exams all went well though some better than others. Should get the results in a week or two. I started work at Doulos 3 weeks ago and have been enjoying it alot.

Apart from that not much else has happened, going up to see Caroline at the weekend and off for an induction to the Gym tonight! We’ll see how long that one lasts :)

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