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Knights of Cydonia

July 20th, 2006 2 comments

Not only is Knights of Cydonia the best song on Muse’s Blackholes and Revelations but it has the pleasure of being the best-video-ever-devised-ever-thats-what-I-call-really-good-music-video!!!!

For your entertainment and general rocking outness I youtube… Knights of Cydonia US Video!!!!

Hat tip to The Triforce.


Eurovision Song Contest

May 22nd, 2006 Comments off

I don’t normally watch the Eurovision Song Contest and when I do it’s usually for Terry Wogans sarcastic comments (and he was on fire this year), however this year I watched a bit of it, not a huge amount just the last 4-5 songs however I did see the run-down of all the entries… now normally Germany have the crazy entry but this year they were out shone by the Finnish entry, imagine Metallica being fronted by Klingons (film klingons not the men with moustaches from TOS) and your pretty much there. Caroline and I both agreed that it would be great if they won but started watching Deserate Housewives and thought no more about it…

Well guess what? They went and won… and not by a small amount… they won by 44 points!

So I’m gonna link another YouTube video just because they rocked!


SuperMassive Black Hole

May 22nd, 2006 2 comments

Muse are one of my favorite bands, I’ve seen them live tons of times and bought virtually everything they’ve put out so when I heard that people had heard the first single of their upcoming album needless to say I was quite excited about having a listen myself.

People had warned me it was quite a bit different to their usual stuff, more pop-ie, more funky and with Matt singing in a high-pitched voice for most of it… they weren’t wrong! After my first listen I wasn’t sure about it… It still had Muse elements but was significantly different from their other stuff. Matt had said before Absolution that their music was becoming more like ABBA but luckily Absolution was pretty dark and apocolyptic (the Iraq war had some plus points). This song might be what he was talking about.

I’ve now listened to it a couple of times and its got better and better with each listen… I’ve had the main chorus stuck in my head for hours, and whilst I hope the new album is more rocky than this song I think it will make a great first single. It’s certainly more radio friendly.

The video is below… have a listen… and then another and then make up your mind… just beware… the video is quite creepy!


I feel my luck could change….

March 28th, 2006 Comments off

I saw this last week on BBC News but have been so busy with my international jetsetter life I just haven’t had a chance to blog it (yes I am now a blogger, but only because someone else has called me so).

Radiohead Singer snubs Mr Blair!! Now the basic story is that Thom was preparing to go talk to Tony but got “freaked out” when he started talking to the spin doctors… basically he was worried the whole thing would be engineered by the Spin Doctors so Blair would hear what he wanted to hear. I’m not saying Thom is lying, we know he’s not exactly renowned for his un-paranoid-ness (new word alert), however I’m wondering if Thom had planned this all along… a form of Self Fulfilling Prephecy! Proof??? You want Proof??? OK… how about…

I’m on a roll,
I’m on a roll this time
I feel my luck could change.
Kill me Sarah,
kill me again with love,
it’s gonna be a glorious day.
Pull me out of the aircrash,
Pull me out of the lake,
’cause i’m your superhero,
we are standing on the edge.
The head of state has called for me by name
but I don’t have time for him.

It’s gonna be a glorious day!
I feel my luck could change.
Pull me out of the aircrash,
Pull me out of the lake,
’cause i’m your superhero,
we are standing on the edge.
We are standing on the edge.

– Lucky, OK Computer


Absolution DVD

December 13th, 2005 Comments off

Absolution DVD
Today Muse released there Absolution Tour DVD. The vast majority of the DVD is filmed at Glastonbury 2004 when they headlined the Pyramid Stage though it does have some extras including…

  • The Small Print – Earls Court
  • Stockholm Syndrome – Earls Court
  • Fury – Los Angeles
  • The Groove in the States – San Diego

I had it on in the background whilst working today and its pretty darn good… no where near as good as seeing them live but as a filler until their next album I’m more than happy to lap it up.

Muse are supposedly back in the recording studio for the new year and according to NME are looking to find somewhere in London to play impromptu gigs to help work on the new songs.

In other news Cas and I have got quite addicted to Brechtian Punk Cabaret act The Dresden Dolls. The Album seems to be on continuous repeat and I continuously have the lyrics for The Girl Anachronism stuck in my head.