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March 11th, 2011 Comments off

Recently I’ve been hacking on some projects that I’ve been thinking of releasing under an open source license. I’d been looking around for places to host the project and was considering sourceforge or google code, I decided to tweet asking if anyone had any opinions on these tools and @HeyChinaski replied suggesting I look into using github.

I’ve use SCM tools as part of my development process for quite a while but, apart from a couple of quick dabbles, have only properly used CVS and Subversion. If I’m going to use git for my project I want to make sure I fully understand how it works and how it should be used, so I went a googling. This post is mainly a collection of useful links to articles I’ve found on my travels. It’s primarily so I don’t lose useful stuff but am sharing it here so they may help other peeps.

Git Project Homepage

The main project homepage for Git.

Git Project Documentation

A load of useful documentation and links to tutorials on the git project homepage.

Git Reference

A site containing quick reference material for using git.

Git Ready

A nice site that has tons of little tips for using and understanding all of Git.

Paul Bouwer’s Blog post series “Git, GitHub and an open source .NET project”.

This is a brilliant series of blog posts that detail how to contribute to open source projects hosted on GitHub. It takes you from how to install and setup Git (windows specific but still plenty of useful information) through to forking a project, committing changes and finally to sending your change to the upstream maintainers for inclusion.

Starting an Open Source Project on GitHub

Very useful beginner blog post describing how to set up a project on GitHub.