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Finished Degree

June 2nd, 2003 Comments off

Last tuesday (27th May) I had my last ever exam. I have now completed all of my course meaning I now have a degree in Software Engineering. The only question… at which level? I don’t find that out till the 2nd of July.

For the last week I have been generally enjoying myself lying in, going out and playing on the computer! I have one week left in aber which will follow the same pattern and then its back home!

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Dissertation Handed in…

May 2nd, 2003 Comments off

I finally got to hand my dissertation in today. It weighing in at a whopping 15,750 words (without appendices) and 96 pages (with appendices). Needless to say I am very pleased to have that out of the way!

At some point I will get round to updating the Major Project section of my site with everything I did. I now have a couple of pieces of coursework to complete and then revision starts for my final exams.


and as if by magic…

April 5th, 2003 Comments off

another term disappears! The 2nd term of my final year is over! Which leaves only one left. Ive got my results back from my exams, all passes though I feel i could have done better, so now all of my time is spent working on my major project which is handed in after the easter break.

Ive almost finished the coding side of my project so my easter holidays will be finishing off my write-up. Once thats in i have 2 weeks of lectures, 1 week for revision and then back into exams…

Once those exams are over my degree is over… and then its job hunting… after some R&R of course!


Revision for exams

January 16th, 2003 Comments off

Back at uni after the Christmas break and straight into exams. They start next week and take up the first 4 days of the exam period… good news for getting them out the way, bad news for revision.

After the exams I have 1 1/2 weeks off before lectures start again, and im planning on doing lots to my major project, website and computer.


Back at uni…

September 25th, 2002 Comments off

Woo Hoo! I’m back at uni and just about to start lectures again! ah ha



July 4th, 2001 Comments off

Got my results for my last lot of 2nd year exams today! Alot better than the first terms! Average this term of 65% giving me a total average of 60.8% which is a 2.1 so gotta keep that up (or improve for a 1st).

Had a good time on Birmingham with Cas over the weekend and now back to work stuffed up with hayfever :(

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Weeks pass…

June 26th, 2001 Comments off

I’ve finished all my exams now and I’m back home. The exams all went well though some better than others. Should get the results in a week or two. I started work at Doulos 3 weeks ago and have been enjoying it alot.

Apart from that not much else has happened, going up to see Caroline at the weekend and off for an induction to the Gym tonight! We’ll see how long that one lasts :)

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Coursework Results

May 20th, 2001 Comments off

With only a couple of days until the start of my last lot of 2nd year exams start I’ve got most of my course work back!

  • Java TicTacToe – A+
  • C Pointers – A
  • C & Unix – A

That means that I have at least an A in the C & Unix course as its all Coursework. Should help the revision for the other exams!

I now officially work for Doulos Ltd doing software… stuff. Start on the 4th of June. Same day as Radioheads Amnesiac is released!

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A Job!

May 15th, 2001 Comments off

Wow what a wierd Week! On Thursday I got a letter from Ordinance Survey offering me a job. Not the one I had originally applied for but one that didn’t involve programming. Then on Friday as I was on my way to Birmingham with my girlfriend to watch 1984 I had a telephone call from Doulos Ltd offering me another job! Gonna accept the Doulos job as I get to do some programming!

1984 was good and it was cool to see my friend and his uni!

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Job Search

April 7th, 2001 Comments off

Just about to finish term 1 of semester 2 (christmas -> easter) only one programming deadline left and thats a C & Unix deadline.

Got to try and find an Industrial Year job for next year. Got a couple of ideas so fingers crossed for them.