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Books and Me

December 27th, 2009 Comments off

Since I’ve moved up to London and had to put up with 2 x 40 minute commutes each day I’ve been reading more and more books. As a child I used to read a fair bit but they were mostly Hardy Boys and other such non-taxing books. I never really made the step past those types of books, partly due to rubbish English teachers, partly due to preferring to spend time on the ol’ Computer but mostly just me being lazy.

Since I’ve got back into reading I have decided to educate myself as much as possible in reading and have tried to find a broad range of books from vintage classics, modern classics, current blockbusters (this less than the others) and graphic novels (read “Comics” :-) )

To keep track of what I’ve read and what I want to read I’ve been cataloguing the books on the living social website. It’s a good website and allows you to see what your friends have read and what they thought of it. However I understand that not everyone wants to join another social networking site so I decided to create a plugin for WordPress that allows you to view the info in your Living Social account on your website. It’s still in a very early state and currently only really works for my account, though I’ll hopefully get some time to develop it into a fully fledged plugin.

The result of this? My website now includes a Books page that uses the plugin to view all the books I’ve read, want to read or are reading currently. Have a view of my book catalogue and if you have any suggestions for books that you think I might like stick ‘em in the comments.

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