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May 28th, 2007

A while has passed (as usual) since I last updated this website and a lot has changed in my life. My girlfriend of 7 years and I have split up, though in a very amicable way. I moved out of my flat in Poole and back in with my Parents at the end of January though next weekend I will be moving up to London to be with all my friends and working in the London Office.

As for my projects… not a lot has happened… I’ve started some… stopped working on some and currently thinking about new ones.

As I’ll be moving back and forth between the London and Poole office I thought it was time I had a go at Linux on my laptop and finally fixed a load of issues with it. I’ve finally managed to get the onboard network card working, the wireless is working though NetworkManager wont connect. The only functionality that I’ve had to disable is the MMC Reader as whenever I load the module the whole system hangs. It’s similar to the problems with the network card though there are no settings to change in the kernel. Not a huge issue though… To read my latest guide to my laptop visit this post.

Hopefully once I’ve moved up to London I’ll be able to start playing with XNA and start making games on the XBox360… it’s a nice thought anyway…

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