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Eurovision Song Contest

May 22nd, 2006

I don’t normally watch the Eurovision Song Contest and when I do it’s usually for Terry Wogans sarcastic comments (and he was on fire this year), however this year I watched a bit of it, not a huge amount just the last 4-5 songs however I did see the run-down of all the entries… now normally Germany have the crazy entry but this year they were out shone by the Finnish entry, imagine Metallica being fronted by Klingons (film klingons not the men with moustaches from TOS) and your pretty much there. Caroline and I both agreed that it would be great if they won but started watching Deserate Housewives and thought no more about it…

Well guess what? They went and won… and not by a small amount… they won by 44 points!

So I’m gonna link another YouTube video just because they rocked!

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