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Feeling Stressed???

December 15th, 2005

You know how when you’re queuing at a cashpoint you try to make it obvious you are not looking at the person currently getting money out? Well today I was doing just that, having a good look at all the property above shops and noticed a sign saying “Free Stress Test” in one of the windows. Could this really be what I think it is??? On the way back I had a closer look and lo and behold in one of the other windows was a sign saying “Free Personality Test” and behind that some books piled up with “Dianetics” written on their side. Yes ladies and gentlemen we have Scientologists!!! w00t!!!

So above Packards Leather shop, just opposite Woolworths, we have the Church of Scientology! To fully understand Scientology you could read all of the wikipeida entry on it… or you could just watch the South Park Episode Trapped in the Closet… the latter is much more entertaining and the former is just there to clarify that (regarding Scientology) the South Park Episode is pretty darn accurate…

Could it be that I have been stressed and depressed this whole time and never knew??? I might just have to go have a free Personality test…

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  1. July 19th, 2009 at 11:18 | #1

    I do remember being harassed by people with massive questionaires wandering around Falklands Square some years back. They’re still going too. wow. How big was the room? as big as a closet?

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