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Managed DirectX 2.0

December 14th, 2005

After spending far to long engineering the Inspire engine and just playing with 2D I decided I needed to get back to more interesting things and thus have put the Inspire engine on the backburner for a while. I’ve decided that I needed a refresher on Direct 3D as its been almost 2 years since I first learnt it so have started reading Managed DirectX 9 Kick Start by Tom Miller. It’s a good book though unfortunately it is getting slightly out of date.

Today Microsoft released the December 2005 DirectX SDK; among the many exciting additions is a new version of Managed DirectX (MDX) 2.0 that is supported by VS 2005 and the free (until late next year) Express Editions. This evening I decided to update all the examples I have created whilst going through Tom Millers book. Below is a more comprehensive list of changes thanks to ZBuffer, however first of all I will go through some things that tripped me up.

  • MDX 2.0 is now in just one assembly as opposed to the 8 seperate assemblies.
  • MDX 2.0 is a bit pickier about Resource disposal, ensure you dispose devices, vertex buffers, textures etc or your application will not shut down correctly.
  • You now set the data in buffers by locking it and modifying the returned Graphics Buffer instead of using the SetData method.

ZBuffer’s Article Series on MDX 2.0

Hopefully by the end of next weekend I’ll have had a chance to go through and comment all the samples I have created to date and then I shall put them up to help other people with the Transition.

I also have a C# version of XInput that I will put up, whilst XInput is now included in MDX 2.0 it is only available to .NET 2.0 (whereas mine will work with either) and not particularly Object Oriented (which mine is). Also I don’t want the 2 days I spent playing with it to be a complete waste.

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