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Absolution DVD

December 13th, 2005

Absolution DVD
Today Muse released there Absolution Tour DVD. The vast majority of the DVD is filmed at Glastonbury 2004 when they headlined the Pyramid Stage though it does have some extras including…

  • The Small Print – Earls Court
  • Stockholm Syndrome – Earls Court
  • Fury – Los Angeles
  • The Groove in the States – San Diego

I had it on in the background whilst working today and its pretty darn good… no where near as good as seeing them live but as a filler until their next album I’m more than happy to lap it up.

Muse are supposedly back in the recording studio for the new year and according to NME are looking to find somewhere in London to play impromptu gigs to help work on the new songs.

In other news Cas and I have got quite addicted to Brechtian Punk Cabaret act The Dresden Dolls. The Album seems to be on continuous repeat and I continuously have the lyrics for The Girl Anachronism stuck in my head.

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