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Ruby on Rails

September 17th, 2005

Today I decided to have a look at ruby on rails. I had heard a bit about it, how everyone said it was the next revolution in web app programming and how you can write web apps in a
tenth of the time. Obviously these claims seem completely outrageous but turns out there is quite a bit of truth in them!

So whats so great about it? In 30 minutes following a tutorial (see links below) I had managed to make a simple web app with very little code. By doing a lot of reflection magic it manages to keep configuration files down to a minimum (the only one I’ve used so far is to tell ruby how to access the database), you also don’t have to worry about SQL statements it generates all that for you!

So where should you look if you want to have a play with ruby on rails… well theres the link I posted earlier… there’s also 2 tutorials at OnLAMP…

  1. Rolling with Ruby on Rails Part 1
  2. Rolling with Ruby on Rails Part 2

There’s also a couple of good articles at Amy Hoy’s blog….

I’ll post any more links as I come across them…


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