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Start of Summer

May 25th, 2005

It’s supposed to be the end of Spring and the start of summer… Seems to be raining more than it’s sunny at the moment. Had a day off work on Monday as I had a Chest Infection (or something like that). I haven’t completely recovered yet so I am getting very little sleep and look half dead in the mornings.

Done some more work on Inspire, managed to refactor the renderer section and its a lot neater now. I’ve also started work on the input section and have pointing devices working fine and have done most of the work for keyboards. Once I have these two parts working I can get back to the Windowing Toolkit and get some actual interaction with it working.

I’ve also completed the design for the Inspire Website, though I wont be releasing that until I have some decent screen shots and perhaps the first game. I’ve also fixed a bug which had me stuck with the Inspire Studio project. This means I can get some work done on that.

I’m planning on taking a couple of days off at the beginning of June to do some major work on Inspire. As I’ve spent quite a while working on it I’m gonna try and complete a simple game with it as something for people to download. It’ll probably be either a tetris or pacman style game.

One final thing, if you haven’t come across it yet you should really check out Reiner’s Tilesets they’re brilliant whilst also being cost and royalty free!

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