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Personal Update

April 11th, 2005

The last month at work has been pretty hectic and it concluded with two visits to Nijmegen in The Netherlands. The first was for almost 2 weeks and was over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend whilst the second was a rather tiring single day trip.

Nijmegen is a lovely town, a reasonable size to explore on foot and lots of interesting back alleys to explore. Caroline flew out to stay with me for the Bank Holiday weekend and we did more exploring and took a day trip to Amsterdam. While Amsterdam got nicer the further from the center you got, Nijmegen is a lot nicer city. No where near as touristy.

Haven’t had much time to work on the Inspire Engine though I have splitted the Inspire Tools into a seperate section entitled Inspire Studio. This will ultimately contain editors for Sprites, 2D and 3D maps and the Resource Files. The Renderer section of Inspire requires a small re-design to make it more adaptable and for it to interface correctly with the Input section.

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