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EA Games Work Practices

November 16th, 2004

Some interesting articles have appeared on the web regarding work practices at EA (Electronic Arts) Games. It’s an accepted practice in the computer games industry that at the end of projects people work extra hours in order to get the product out of the door. It seems that EA is having these ‘crunch’ times all the time.

The first article is from a disgruntled spouse of an EA employee (who goes under the name ea_spouse, to protect her husband) and can be found here. Here is an excerpt:

Now, it seems, is the “real” crunch, the one that the producers of this title so wisely prepared their team for by running them into the ground ahead of time. The current mandatory hours are 9am to 10pm — seven days a week — with the occasional Saturday evening off for good behavior (at 6:30pm). This averages out to an eighty-five hour work week.

The second article is a posting from an ex-EA employee who after reading the previous journal entry decided to post his story. It can be found here. Here is an excerpt:

It was a suprise — I did what they asked, and was yelled at for it. I was “supposed” to have completed every little thing extra. And, both the HR guy and my supervisor lied that that was what had been discussed at the last meeting. I couldn’t believe the bold faced lie, so I capitulated saying that I must’ve misunderstood and apologized.

Due to these article it appears that EA is now facing a class-action law suite. Hopefully this can stamp out these sweat shop style work practices.

Makes me glad I didn’t go into the Computer Game Industry.

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