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A Year Passes…

November 15th, 2004

Well a year has passed since my last news item and we have another redesign. The php backend has been re-written giving me more powerful web based administrative tools. This means it will be easier to update the website wherever i am. The website should also be xhtml and CSS(link) (Cascading Style Sheets) compliant though i will need to do more tests before I stick the images up.

I’ve also split the site into 4 sections; news, personal, programming and projects. The news section is obvious what it contains (hint: your reading it). The personal section contains information about myself. The programming section will contain useful tips that I discover whilst programming. The final section will feature projects I have finished or am working on.

The projects section currently contains my Java3D tests and my Java Soliatire applet. The Inspire Engine is my cross-platform game engine that I am currently working on. Written in C#, using Managed DirectX and the Tao Framework. I shall put more information up about this later on.

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