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Major Project

June 25th, 2003

During the final year of my degree we had to do a Major Project or Dissitation. This was a 30 credit module and was thus 1/4 of our final year marks. As I wanted to learn more about network protocols and what was entailed in implementing one I decided to do a research project looking into how protocols are implemented. In the process I created an implementation of a couple of email protocols; POP3 and SMTP. I also had to implement one other standard, the Internet messaging Format. The title I decided upon was this:

An Investigation into Network Protocol Implementation Through the development of mail protocols.

By the end of the project I had completed a working implementation of the protocols and while it did not have everything required to create a full mail client, the project was a success. The Mail API I created currently lacks an implementation of the MIME format, which would allow people to send emails with attachments. It also only includes POP3 and SMTP, and not the new IMAP protocol. While the implementation of IMAP was not in my project specification it would be very useful to have it in the API. I aim(link) at some point to complete the API with these features.

Another aim(link) of my project was to try and create a series of tips that would help first time network programmers implement a network protocol. Again I suceeded in this and managed to create a series of 10 tips.

The Following items are available to view or download:

* Major Project Write Up
* JMail API

This product is released under the GNU Public License. More information on the license can be found at the GNU Project & Free Software Foundation HomePage

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